Gospel Music Video – “O God, You Know I’m Missing You" | Eastern Lightning

O God, You Know I’m Missing You

My heart’s deeply attached to You. But I feel unworthy of Your love.
Too humble to be in the presence of You, how worried and uneasy I am!
I can only make up my mind; offer my whole being to You.
I will suffer for You, suffer all hardships, till the last breath of my life.
God! You know that I am waiting, waiting for You to come back.
God, please don’t forget about me. I can’t live without You!

I know I don’t deserve to see You, but I’ll never lose my hope.
I am full of faith. I never lose my faith, loving You in my heart.
I will do anything for You. I won’t care too much for my life.
I have strong faith; I believe You’ll come back. I believe You will come back.
Dear God! Please wait for me, wait for me to give You my love.
I believe that You are loving me. I can’t live without You!

Though I have weakness in flesh. Pains and sorrows always with me.
God, please trust me, please put trust in me that I’ve never forgotten about You.
I hate my flesh so much. I loathe Satan even more.
How I wish I could get free from sin! How I wish to be free from sin!
If I can’t satisfy Your will, I won’t have peace after death.
Only when I see, when I see Your smile, will I feel a bit comforted.

I am with determination, and I am with strong will.
I won’t be passive; I am loving You, loving You with my true heart.
Ignoring those many hardships, thinking no more of blocks ahead,
I will keep going, I will try my best, try my best to satisfy You.
When can I live out Your image, pure and lively, a whole new one?
Holy spiritual body giving to You, I will never ever leave You!
Holy spiritual body giving to You, I will never ever leave You!

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.

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